Abandoning your furry pal

Weirdly, in this month.. I’ve already got 2 clients that are giving their dogs up. & I will NEVER understand how they can have the heart to do so.


First, we have Goldie who is a 15 years old Golden Retriever. I was asked if I offer long-term boarding. As I probed further, I found out that they no longer can keep Goldie due to ‘downgrade’ of houses. Look, you have kept this dog for 15 years and all he do is to sleep. I don’t think it’s too difficult to fit him in a flat. Moreover, it is IMPOSSIBLE to rehome him, given his age. :/ Feeling really sorry and it’s officially my first time meeting such request, we negotiated for a $700/month (excluding food expenses) and a deposit of $1000. To think about it, it is a HUGE committment on my side. I gave it a lot of thought and I also have to consider the fact that I will see him pass away in my house. :/ My dad and I will ALWAYS countdown to the day any old dog returns home because we are SUPER scared of them dying in our house. I am someone that can never deal with any sorts of death, but I can’t just stand by and not offer any assistance…… right? Dad isn’t too agreeable even though there will be a contract for all these. I hope I made the right decision to help the family & Goldie 😦


Then, we have Mookie who is 1 year 3 months old. He is a SUPER lovable rescued local mix lab who happens to be one of my favorite. I see him grow from a small puppy of 6 months. I would definitely love to adopt him myself if I do not have any dogs of my own. 😦 Though Mookie is lovable, he can take awhile to gain someone’s trust. He took a while to be familiarized with me.. even after many times of being with us, he could only get along with me. So for someone who doesn’t have experience with a dog, Mookie can be difficult. I really hope his next owner will love him unconditionally and be really patient with him. It’s really not too difficult to gain his trust… Was so happy when I saw his name popped out in my whatsapp (thinking that he will be back with me once again), only to find out that the owner is putting him up for adoption. “We will be moving back to the States by the end of July and we will not be able to bring Mookie with us”. -.- Then why would you adopt him at the first place? I can NEVER understand how someone can leave a family member behind. If you really do love him, you’ll spend all cost just to bring him there to be together. If I really need to move to Korea some day, I wont even hesitate to bring beats over (& i have TWO of them, which means double the cost).

I feel very stressed up at work (both my dad’s & my own). I need to settle with France authorities regarding his staff and it’s not easy. They can’t speak english and expected documents to be translated in French and submitted within a time limit of ~ 3 days! -.-

For my work, I have had disagreements with 2 other clients – one that expected updates throughout the DAY when I said we send updates throughout the STAY and another one that got upset about his dog stealing food. It is impossible for us to send updates throughout the day, given the number of dogs in the house and they will only be staying for 2 nights. -.- On top of them, I really hate how this particular owner was SOOO confident that her dogs will not ‘mark’ in the house. I clearly know unsterilized dogs LOVE to mark in my home. When I told her about how her dogs peed on my bed, there wasn’t any apologies but “oh yea! you should put a pee pad in your room” -.-

It is also impossible for us to really keep an eye 24/7 at all the dogs, especially when your dog is SUPER good in stealing food. The bag was definitely tightly zipped but yet Bruno was able to steal a week’s worth of food that was packed in small bags. To defend myself, I wouldnt be able to know that he ate some plastics because after he stole the food, there was still a huge mess for me to clean up. So I really didnt know if he did ingest any plastics. Owner wasn’t too pleased to find plastic in Bruno’s poop. :/  But to think about it, I did monitor Bruno and there was clearly no signs of changes in behavior or appetite. Or I would have personally sent him to the vet immediately. I trusted my own judgement that he is COMPLETELY fine and so I didn’t say anything more than “your dog just stole someone’s else food”.

I just hope owners will learn how to trust people like us. I know it is not easy but since you’ve decided to put your dog with me, the least you could do is to trust me that I’ll try my best to take care of them, with their safety as priority. The last thing I want is to have anything happen to your dog (and my own deadly mistakes to repeat). This job is not easy and it’s sucking my life. Yet I can’t deny how happy I am with all these furry friends. I’m REALLY really trying my best in this, because it’s the only thing that I’m good at.

The society is changing too much that everyone is becoming really scared. For example, new generation of doctors are too afraid to trust their own judgement to advise patients properly. If let’s say I have a lump in my breast (*choy), the doctor will definitely be on defensive mode and say “there is a small percentage that it will be cancerous, so you can decide if you would like to remove it”. They no longer give direct advices like “you should remove it, just in case”. Reason – they are afraid of being sued. My dad had a flu and the doctor even suggested to do x-ray. -.-” when he could just trust his judgement and dispense the right medicine. If it didn’t work, THEN we look at other treatments.

My point is…. clients should just learn to trust in professionals and professionals should NEVER be afraid and just trust your own judgement. If shit happens, then.. take it as you suay and learn from mistakes. 🙂

oh.. today is the day I found out that Buddy has allergy. He had allergic reaction after eating one of the dog’s pasta! -.- Freaked out because his face got swollen and bumps were everywhere. The poor kid was even running around, unsure on what happened and what to do. tsk. Luckily my strong dog has strong immune system.. it cleared within 1+ hour.

that should be all for now.



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