Spa Day!


One of my favorite morning is to wake up with this cutie beside me. I love my 2 dogs but Suarez is a bonus. haha. Till date, I think that his ex-owners were mad enough to abandon him in Dubai.

I head down as usual, doing my own things only to receive a call from Spa Vintage that my appointment was cancelled. -.-” I’ve been looking forward to this massage for ages and I started to search for alternatives (obviously all the good and affordable ones like Adeva Spa and Z Spa were all fully booked). I finally settled with the nearest one – Spa Lifestyle.

Before that, I rushed to send Biri back home. One interesting fact about being in the pet business, some owners don’t like it if the main caregiver isnt the one to send the dog back. Or if the dog is alone in the back/front seat. The owners expect someone holding the dog (especially small ones). I suppose it’s pretty reasonable since some dogs are super hyper, jumping everywhere. But it’s just that sometimes this fact is very troublesome at my end.


709 East Coast Rd

Singapore 459064

Arriving at the spa, the exterior was… a little old. And their marketing techique is… applaudable. The couple spa that we agreed on was 328 SGD inclusive of GST but they ended up psychoing me to purchase a package worth of 528 SGD -.-” I must be feeling damn rich (& with Jo being really confused and not much of a help), I just said okay.

& the moment the treatment started, I regretted.


The room was rather small but cosy. Initially, I didnt get the bed placement because we’ve always been side by side during massages. After that…. it kinda made sense.


Get what I mean? The bed is to avoid certain awkward eye contacts between couples. 

This isn’t a shower cap. It’s a legit disposable unisex underwear. Jo got so shocked by its transparency and I was equally surprised by how “open concept” it is. I wasn’t even given anything to cover my boobs! -.-” It got really uncomfortable for a while. Imagine Jo was covering his ‘danger zone’ and I was covering my important parts with our arms.

The first thing was to get our body scrub done and both of us weren’t comfortable that his “danger zone” was being exposed to 3 other people in the room (me and the other 2 female therapist). But being adults, we just try our best to brush it off by thinking that this is a professional place. When my therapist asked to turn to do my front, she covered me up with a small towel. I could hear Jo laughing awkwardly so I had to request them to give him a small towel to cover up too.




After body scrub, we were being urged to do our 45 minutes jacuzzi (the time given was actually a little too long). Things got a little embarrassing because they kept asking us to go into the bathtub while they proceed to clean the beds up. :/ Jo and I smiled awkwardly to each other and ended up wearing our lousy undies in. We had to wait till they leave to make ourselves comfortable (by now we should already be in the room for the past 30-45 minutes). During our jacuzzi, Jo kept saying that I should get a refund. lol.

Our massage was a good 90 minutes but I didn’t dare to speak out that my therapist was pressing way too hard. Also, my dad couldn’t stop calling me during my massage that really annoyed me. :/ On the other hand, Jo was super pleased with his massage that he slept throughout his massage session. & he also ended up changing his mind about suggesting a refund. lol.

To summarize, the spa is more of a “open concept” and for people that are really not shy about their bodies. & They really massage EVERYWHERE for you girls. Their couple spa should only be suitable for married couples or couples that have been together for really long. The therapist are super nice though. Since I have a package to clear here, I told Jo that we will bring our own disposable non-transparent undies next time. lol. (& a disposable tube top!) Comparing with who also doesn’t have couple spa promotion, I would rather sign the package with They are of the same price and on top of that, have COMPLIMENTARY free-flow food!

My therapist used the hair shower cap to tie a bun for me which I ended up liking it too much. haha.


Kim’s Family Restaurant 

177 Telok Ayer St

Singapore 068625

For dinner, Jo wanted to buy me some Korean beef so he brought me to this place. The beef was as good as Samgyeopsal (bbq pork). I actually told myself to quit rice once and for all (to lose some weight) but it is impossible to quit while dating an oppa. lol.


We wandered around the area and he suggested to go 1-Altitude. It has been ages since I last visited Raffles Place and the place looks so pretty now! They have these cute swings for people to lepak. hahaha. my kind of thing.


The view is breathtaking! & I have to admit that this is my first time there! The atmosphere was great but kinda too expensive.


We didn’t know what to order so I ordered what the person in front ordered – vodka with lime soda. -.-” The most horrible thing I’ve ever tasted and it set us back 80 SGD.



Oh, I forgot to mention that it might just be a bad idea to wear makeup to a spa, not bringing make up to touch up and going to a nice bar afterwards. I looked horrible. I had to take countless shots but yet still not getting the picture that I really want, because of my damn face. 😦


whereas I can take this super good shot of my bf in just ONE shot. -.-” It isn’t fair that he is blessed with model height while I’m just… petite.


We tried to enjoy the atmosphere but the horrible drink made us lost interest. Silly boy also looked really tired so I just called it a night.


how can someone look this good, even when he sleeps?!

Nothing could beat Jo accompanying me to sleep! πŸ™‚ He fell asleep immediately after shower and (this sound creepy) I couldn’t stop admiring his lashes and facial features. lol. HIS LEASHES ARE AS LONG AS MINE!


that’s all, folks!



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