My dragon boy was down with hives. 😦 It all happened ever since he ate some other dog’s NTUC pasta leftovers. Moral of the story: Do not anyhow feed junk food to your dogs. But the vet said that since the pasta was 3 days ago, it is weird that it isn’t subsiding. It may be due to another factor. But there isn’t anything out of the norm that I can think of…. except for that damn pasta. 9 years with him and this is the first time I see him having an allergic reaction. We’ve fed him organic pasta previously and he was fine.

Later at night, I went to stayover at Jo’s place and he was super engrossed in some… dota(?) kind of game. It was a live stream and he was seriously watching it as though it’s some drama. I can never understand guys but seeing him so engrossed made me giggled, his kiddy side. Jo was supposed to write his diary so I kept poking him that he was writing it half heartedly. Then when he insisted he wrote it well, I browse through his diary to our spa day… it’s just the length of 1/4 A4 size paper. -.- nagged so much at him because my blog post was obviously way longer but he said he wrote it days after.. so he didn’t know what to write. tsk.

anyway~~ my heart just keep growing fonder of you.


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