I sent Toby home on Sunday and his pawrents are a male couple (straightforwardly, gays). I’ve always been in touch with CC (assuming it’s the ‘boyfriend’) the whole time and my helper was the one that accepted Toby while I wasn’t at home. So she was the one that packed his stuff. Apparently, she left out a food bowl of his. Anyway, they wanted to meet me on Sunday at town area to get the bowl back but it wasn’t convenient for me to leave the house since my helper went for her weekly enrichment classes. I told them that I couldn’t make it and offered to do a FREE courier service (that cost $7). I went ahead and arranged it as shown above.

Fast forward till 10:30pm, the courier service was nowhere to be found. His cellphone was switched off and I was contacting CC the whole time, saying that I have no idea what was going on either. THEN, the couple decided to play “good cop bad cop” with me. As I was texting CC to be patient with me while I try to get hold of the courier service, his petty ‘girlfriend’ decided to text me;

What’s with clients and the word “unprofessional”? I did sound a little defensive but that’s just me being me and all this happened while I was having a bad headache. MOREOVER, IT’S JUST A DAMN BOWL! -.- I don’t see the urgency of it when it’s already passed meal time, and it wasn’t the end of the day yet. I gave the driver the benefit of doubt that his phone died and he must be on the way. The fact is I DID MY PART! I arranged the courier and the guy wouldnt steal the damn bowl or anything. -.-” Neither could I control the delivery process. ARGH.

I’m a huge supporter of LGBT and I love gay people, always think that they are super nice people. But sometimes, they really can be a huge pain in the ass.. the bitchy ones.

This whole thing happened while I was with Jo. He’s the only one that could somehow calm me down when I’m stressed up and angry at the same time. lol.

so so so mad!



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