hahhaa, it’s super adorable of him to somewhat think about a WHOLE family trip in 3 years time. He actually picked up some singlish from me and it can be funny sometimes. :p


“if you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph”

I came across this saying once on a person’s instagram. Sometimes, all these small actions speaks a lot about one’s feelings. Not saying to make myself feel any better but Jo’s phone is full of my candid/unglam pictures. lol. 😀


i cant believe how addicted I am to you.. I’m really afraid to lose you.

it’s really scary how blur our future is 😦


We were having dinner at Ma Maison @ Bugis and the vintage interior feels so cozy. We didnt know where to eat but Ma Maison had this huge poster about their homemade fruit tarts. :pPp My sweet tooth couldn’t resist! I have a super soft spot for desserts. Anyway, I ordered the bolognese and Jo ordered their carbonara. Their bolognese was served in a very unique hot pan, with the sauce separated. It’s my first time eating bolognese like that but thankfully, it wasn’t too bad. I wouldnt recommend their carbonara though. The waitress did warn us that it would be dry, unlike the usual creamy carbonara, but we thought we should just give it a try.


I had a super strong craving for honeymoon dessert. But it disappointed me 😦 it tasted super bland and I’ve no idea what happened to the sweetness of my favorite dessert. T.T I am hoping it isn’t a drop in their standard but just a one time thingy.

that’s all, folks.



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