Helping a Friend

L is known as the super nice guy in our circle. But he got into some deep shit this year, trying to earn quick bucks illegally. That will never work so he ended up getting himself into hell lots of debts. 

He owes me about 1.3k and today, he suddenly called me for another 2k. Before I even consulted Jo, I transferred almost immediately. I am not sure is it because I have the bad habit of not saying no, or simply because I trust this friend of mine too much.

I’m always stuck in the middle about lending money to people. I can never say no. Jo’s only advice was that “lend with the thinking that you can never get it back”. If they return, good news. But if they don’t, make sure you’re fine with it.

just hope he can clear his shit up because i dont think i can help forever.

or maybe we just shouldn’t grow up. Shit happens, hell lots of shit.


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