Doing what a girlfriend should do

Last night, we were supposed to go to Sushi Express for dinner because silly boy is craving for the triangle sushi. But he cancelled it and said that he got no appetite. Apparently, he was in shock for almost knocking someone down. :/ He was driving slowly but he somehow didn’t see that person. He thought that he was familiar with that road, and most of the time, no one is crossing so he just turned while looking straight. -.-” Frankly, Jo has got lots of bad driving habits (like forever wanting to dash when the traffic light turns amber) so I told him to better get rid of them before anything serious really happen.

I can’t scold him too much cos’ I wouldn’t want him to enter his dark place. lol. So I offered to drive down to his house, just to be with him and hopefully calm him down. Then I managed to get him to eat horfun for dinner. ^^



I found a newfound joy – helping Jo to keep his laundry. haha. I am definitely not someone who do house chores and my room is always in a complete mess. But somehow, I always want to help him out (washing the dishes after meals and folding his clothes). Trying to be the ‘wife’ material. haha. But it’s so difficult to ‘fight’ to do these work for him. tsk.

He stayed over at my place and he fell asleep while listening to classical music. haha. Honestly, I’m really worried that he might just think too much. But at least the near-car accident will teach him a lesson, before anything disastrous really happen.

Just a random thing, this particular friend of mine – A (not being racist but he’s malay btw), he tried to woo me some time late last year/early this year. But we have not met for years (ever since I graduated from poly). Even in poly, we never talk but just hi-bye. Then, out of the sudden he told me that he had been liking me for a really long time and kept trying to ask me out. I just brushed it off that he was joking and kept finding excuses to not meet him. We do text about life and issues here and there. Then I started the lovey-dovey story of Jo and I. Anyway, I felt that I’ve not seen him liking my pictures for a long time. & that’s when I realised A unfollowed me on instagram. -.-” Dont know why but I feel so innocent. lol. So… simply because I didn’t like you back, you decided to unfriend me? Can a guy be that petty? :/ Then again, I’m always bad in rejecting someone. It’s not that I like him or anything but sometimes, losing even an acquaintance can make me feel horrible & i’ll also start wandering what did I do wrong to lose this friendship. (i’m a weirdo 😉 ) Come to think about it, it’s really sad how one-sided love may mean “the end of friendship” after the confession.

My insomnia seems to be back and initially I thought it was because I’m feeling lonely with no dogs or Jo beside me. But even when Jo was sleeping right beside me.. I couldn’t sleep! I had to watch ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (if you’re not watching, you should), and hope that one episode is good enough to make me sleepy. I didn’t want to wake up this morning as usual and Jo always drew the curtains down before he leaves, making sure that the room is dark enough for me to sleep longer (aww~).


Dragged my ass to pick Buster up. We’ve never met one another before and he will only be here for daycare and I will need to send him to the airport at night. I like Buster because he reminds me of some cartoon and he is by far the only one of his breed to come to me. Then, Bud decided to be an asshole, got jealous over me trying to take picture with Buster and bit poor Buster on his face. -.-” I rushed Buster to the vet so I can have a better explanation to the owner. I also wanted to make sure that the wound is a superficial one. I waited for an hour for a consultation and it cost me 110 SGD. 😦 It’s a negative business with Buster but at least, I’m being responsible.. /sigh.

To make things difficult, Buster is quite defensive when I try to clean his wound. Each time I want to clean, he snaps. tsk. I had to spend so much time to buy his trust. & thankfully, distracting him with treats worked.

So… Sumon broke my piggy bank. :/ I’m a little upset because it has sentimental value. It was a gift from someone who was once super close to me. When I asked her what did she do (before reading her explanations in text), she defended herself as though I was in the wrong. :/ I can’t to be angry with her because she’ll have another explosive episode that I probably need to deal with.

After nearly an hour trying to stick everything back together, I finally fixed it.. somehow. I wasted a whole tube of super glue :/ I can’t seems to get the back parts to fit perfectly. T.T I stupidly glued the top first when I think I should have started with the back pieces. I can’t use the piggybank anymore but neither can I throw it away.

I totally forgot that it’s the boy’s first chinese lesson today. I promised to be there at the end of his class to accompany him home. I only realised at 8:15pm. -.-” My schedule was actually quite tight because I need to reach there by 9pm and get back to send Buster to the airport by 10:30pm. I rushed out and by the time I arrived Peninsula Shopping Centre, he was already waiting for me for 5 minutes. >.< He was damn excited about his first lesson and he got so happy about what he just learnt. haha. He tested me out by asking how do we say ‘let’s eat’ in chinese. I replied “吃饭!” but he said that as expected, I said it real short as though it’s ci fan when proper pronunciation is chi fan. lol. Apparently his teacher taught them how to differentiate sg chinese and proper chinese. tsk.


We then walked over to Raffles City and grabbed Mac for dinner (super fattening but no choice). Got to literally speed eating and rush to take the train back immediately after dinner 😦 He sent me all the way to Kembangan station and I seriously didn’t want to say goodbye 😦 Our time together today was too short.


Buster is really super sweet but my time with him is also too short! 😦 Luckily his owner is really nice about the whole incident. *phew. Going to miss this guy. They are going to transit in Korea to Canada. I’m so sorry about the wound, boy. Have a safe flight with your owner!! I’m so so going to miss you! (even though you probably forgot about me by now lol)

if only every single owner is this nice! 

On the way back home from the airport, Dad thinks that I’m too sticky with Jo these days and commented “Not sian meh?! You guys meet almost everyday”. I told him this is called loving. He shook his head. hahaha. “When I dated your mum, we only meet once a week ok”. “You got time to do all these silly nonsense but no time to do things like unpack your luggage and tidy up your room” tsk. lol, yea.. i’ve yet to unpack my luggage from Korea and it has been sitting there for more than a month.

Oh yea, Naiise approached me for my pet tents to be displayed in their shops. But their business scheme is horrible, they expect us to split 45/55. -.-” I felt flattered but How the hell am I going to earn? Moreover, they need me to come up with proofs that I am the official authorized dealer in Singapore to sell these tents. -.-”

till next time!



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