What’s up with me and insomnia? :/ I can’t sleep till 2-3am and when I do finally fall asleep, I will somehow either wake up automatically at 5-6am or get woken up by some dog. It then takes another hour or so to fall back asleep and I wake up at 11am, feeling even more exhausted. -.- Then the whole cycle repeats. This has been going on since Tuesday and I’m tired of it.


I took over my bro’s room for a long time now and it just get messier each day. lol. I’m so going to get killed by him. Jo actually tried to unpack my luggage for me but he gave up after keeping all my denims ;x Sumon must be feeling really happy because I told her not to touch my room till I get it packed. So, I spent today packing the room and I’m 85% done? I’m SUPER lazy to unpack the luggage, really bad habit of mine. argh. When I told Jo about my dad nagging at me, he jokingly replied “your room is always messy anyway”. :/ Quite embarrassed because my boyfriend’s room is SOO much neater & he doesnt even have anyone to tidy up his room for him!

ahhh. Jo is having his usual company dinner so our movie night is again postponed. & tomorrow he needs to work. :/ hmm… optimistically, at least I have time to unpack my luggage! haha. 

oh well~ till next time 😉



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