7th Movie Date

For our saturdate, I finally got my movie date – Despicable Me 3. By the time we meet, it was already near 5pm 😦 & you can guessed that the date feels really short. I wanted to check out a cafe in Siglap but it was already too late after dinner.

Despicable Me 3 is super adorable but I think Jo couldn’t really get most of the story. I’m always very paranoid and worries about whether he can understand the plot or if the show is too boring. :/ That’s why I try not to drag him to the movies, no matter how much I want to watch a particular movie. I guess our next movie date will be in August, when Song Joong Ki’s new movie releases.


he actually put his handkerchief on me because he thinks that my shorts is too short. 

I actually really love being in the cinema with him. I dont have to worry about how he’ll think of me and I can just be SUPER comfortable in how I seat which can be really unglam most of the time. lol. Putting both my fat legs on one of his leg just feel so natural. ^^


We went to our usual Bak Kut Teh store and we waited like an hour for our food. :/ We were sat really near the cooking area so the heat was slightly unbearable. While waiting for our food, I wanted to tidy up my hair so I actually asked him to hold my phone as a mirror and at the same time, he actually took pictures of me with his phone. Somehow, he was very pleased with his shot. lol.

We waited about 15 minutes for our bus to head back home and during that time, I was asking him how much should I change for our upcoming trip. He still has got no idea where are we going. We decided on 600 SGD and he actually offered to pass me that money (which is really something that I wasn’t expecting). I think it was good that I opened up to him about this financial issue in our relationship. Our dates are 50-50 now, whereby he will pay one thing and I’ll pay for another. For instance, the movie was on him and I paid for dinner.

To end the day off, he actually made the effort to stayover at my place today. 😀 We didn’t even need to go back to his place to gather his stuff. ^^ As usual, we’ll talk a lot till we both fall asleep. We talked about our first impressions of one another, the first time we meet, the first stayover.. basically all of our first times. Jo commented that I do not look like typical sg-chinese actually and probably that was what attracted him. I actually did a lot of silly nonsense to hurt Jo (I was really confused with my ex and I wasn’t ready even when things ended) but he still stuck around.  When I asked why, he said he have got no idea but the only thing he was very sure of is that he really wants to be with me, no matter how long or what it takes. 🙂

I was also talking to him about birthday plans, that I am actually SUPER excited for the birthday surprise that I’ve planned for him and I cannot wait for that day to come. Honestly, I was initially being very selfish because I wanted him to do the same for my birthday.. Since I put in so much effort, even bringing him out of the town just to surprise him, I wanted him to do something big of that scale. But that was so stupid of me. I was even thinking about ‘taking over’ and plan my own birthday plans (paying it for myself). But it just beat the whole purpose of making me feel special for 24 hours. lol. Anyway, I just want him by my side, and even if it’s just a self-made candlelight dinner at home… I’ll be fine with it…. Not asking for too much, as long as he’s planning something :p

I think i’m back on track with my life 🙂

till next time!



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