Lazy Sunday

I finally got a chance to have a deep sleep, falling asleep at ~1am with the favorite person beside me. THEN, the dogs decided to ruin the moment for me. I woke up at 3am, 4am, 5am and finally 930am. -.-” To think that Jo got awaken by them too, he was actually sleeping like a log.

I planned for a nap in the late afternoon but with the dog chores lining up, I couldnt find the time to do so. 😦

Jo went to meet his friend for lunch so he only had time for me in the evening. I was craving for jap ramen near his place and we stupidly ate too much. We each ate a bowl of ramen, 3.5 eggs, and 2 gyoza. >.< For me, I was drinking sakura cola which just made my stomach even more bloated.


I think I’m pretty lucky to find someone like Jo. ❤ Whenever he thinks that I’m tired, he’ll massage for me. Sometimes I feel bad because he’s the one that is working for long hours. 😦 I tried massaging for him but my weak fingers are no match to his.

We were folding his laundry together and he suddenly sang the korean children song about bears. We were actually taking turns to sing one sentence each. ^^ It is always happy times like this that I will start wondering about how blur our future is. We have no idea where we will be settled in. I mentioned it to him just now but he just said I’m silly. “My boyfriend said to just love with no worries. So I shall”. 🙂

Oh yea, Jo actually nicknamed me his puppy but somehow, I got transformed to a bear from today -.-” lol.

Dad was watching some news on the tv about having plastic surgery in Korea. Many people had failed surgeries and couldn’t sue the hospital. They think that I’m considered lucky that nothing happened to me. -.-” You just got to do the right research and go to the right hospital. There are also many people that got addicted to it and obviously, I’m being warned not to too.


On a random note, do you know miniature husky exists? They are really cute actually, like a puppy that will never grow up.

that’s all, folks!



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