For Love

My sleep was still not good. Insomnia + Dogs Barking non stop can be really annoying. I fell asleep at 1230am and got woken up one hour later by one of my guest dogs. I brought all the potential barky dogs up to my room so that my sleep wont be disturbed but yet… they just dont give me a break. 3am my neighbour’s dog started barking non-stop for some reason. argh! (yes, I can clearly recognize each dog’s bark. You tend to pick this ‘talent’ up when you’re taking care of so many dogs at the same time).  I couldn’t sleep till 5am and 9am, I got woken up to collect some work permit. -.-” I went back to sleep for another hour and owner came to pick their dogs up. I finished all my dog chores so I could go back to sleep once again. I was downstairs for a good hour and it annoyed me that once I head back up, Sumon asked me to go back down because a particular customer asked for me. -.-” I know that no one fixed an appointment with me so I asked her to direct it to the office instead. Somehow she got all defensive, thinking that I blamed her for calling me for nothing. Well, I’m a grumpy lady if i dont get my sleep but I wasn’t blaming her at all.

I managed to take a nap from 11am – 2pm and my dad decided that I should get my lazy ass up to work. >.< Not a very good way to start the day.

Speaking of which, Sumon has been really weird. She stopped hanging out with me or really talk to me and it is probably 2 weeks now? But I guess this is better.. I wont need to worry about minor things like pissing her off over really small issues.


Keeping my promise, I started preparing at 6pm because I didn’t want to be late to pick him up from his mandarin class. 745pm an owner texted that her sister was on the way to pick baby Milo up. Somehow, they took 45 minutes to arrive. -.-” I practically waited the whole day for this particular owner to pick her dog up because she couldn’t give me any exact timing.

Peninsula Shopping Centre can be really quiet at night & it was slightly scary for me to walk around, searching for his classroom. Upon reaching his classroom, I couldn’t help myself for feeling excited. There was 2 mandarin class going on and I didn’t know which room he was in. I actually was disappointed when I couldn’t see him after the dismissal of the first class. After 10 minutes, the next class door swung open. There he was, the polite one to open the door, fixing it to stay open for the others. ;D He gave a wide smile the moment he saw me standing there.. & this is exactly why I decided to wait for him after every mandarin class of his.

His class was about self introduction and it’s really hilarious (and adorable) that he thought Singaporean is 新国人 and Malaysian is 马国人. LOL!

Worried that our shops were already closed, we went for Macs again. I’m so going to grow fat. 😦 I actually stopped exercising since I got back from Korea.. I’m too lazy! I’m trying to drag Jo to the gym with me but it just isn’t happening somehow. Anyway, we talked about his work and he might just get a pay raise soon. I asked about how much is it and he started being all secretive. tsk, I’m his gf leh! I have the rights to know what.. but to be honest, I don’t think I ever mentioned to him how much exactly am I earning each month.


I actually took train to and fro, and Jo didn’t believe me when I said I didn’t cab to meet him. lol. I downloaded my show on netflix and was well-prepared. :p My dad is ‘withdrawing’ 10k from me 😦 So I really need to find ways to save as much.

Oh yea, dad thinks that it isn’t ‘nice’ that I am too sticky to Jo these days and keep running over to his place. Reason being; I’m a lady. But I just kept saying that this is call loving. He just got to add on after that, that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. -.- Even so, my dad is just being a dad. No matter how old I am, he’ll always be worried. haha.

that’s all, folks!



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