3 days

We haven’t really talk since Tuesday. He’s busy with work and he don’t usually text me during work. I got to wait till night time to finally talk to him and when it is finally after office hours, it’s either just short texts or really short phone calls. He would call me once every night but they don’t exceed 4 minutes. Tuesday 2 minutes, Wednesday 4 minutes and last night not a single call. :/ & each night, he will just fall asleep without any notice. -.-” I really do understand but I can’t help to feel empty inside.

It’s not that I didn’t try either.. i’m not sitting one side and just waiting for him to approach. I offered to go to his place to stayover, just to snuggle with him to sleep (to put it directly, i’m just heading there to sleep) but I’m always being rejected with a “I need time alone to think”. I got to pretend that I’m alright because I don’t wish to add any unneccessary stress to him. :/

I want to share so many things with him, like how my dad’s car got knocked by the neighbour. :/ The neighbour’s van knocked till the right door of the back seat got really dented. They even tried to pretend as though they didn’t do it but luckily our company’s driver saw. I want to talk to him about this new Goldie puppy named Bodhi. :/ i want him to vet through my online purchases to see which to eliminate. I want to tell him that I started exercising again and how my whole body is aching all over again. MANY MANY THINGS!

I miss him so much and it doesn’t make me feel any better to know that I’ll only have a secured Saturday with him. :/




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