What’s wrong with today?!

Suddenly my phone rang with L asking me out. I asked whats up and he said it’s nothing good to me. -.-” I had a hinch that it’s either he’s going to meet me to say he got no money to return me or he needs more. Fast forward, he came down with his colleague/new gf to my place in hopes of getting more cash. Jo was uncontactable so I had no one to talk to rely on.

Honestly, they just got together for a month and I heard of her before when he was chasing after her. But this is seriously not the best way to meet one another. To summarize, his new gf is an gambling addict that is in huge debt. Worst, these debts are not from the ‘nice guys’. Because of her, L is already maxing out his debt with licensed loan company and banks (I calculated he owe everyone a total of $15k and this is only a handful of what I know.. So the figure is definitely higher). -.-” I got real straight to him and asked if the girl is seriously liking him or taking advantage of him. Honestly, I got relatives in wherever she come from and I’m going to get slap or harassed by saying this but I seriously have ZERO good impression for most of the girls from this particular country. L is saving her ass from getting fired and deported back to her country.

I told myself before the meeting that if it is going to be about money, I’m not going to lend any more that what I had already given him (which is 3.5k now). -.-” ME AND MY STUPID NICENESS. My bank is left with a good 1.5k after handling 10k to my dad. So what I did was to transfer this whole 1.5k out to L. They asked for 6k but obviously, I can’t do that much.. they seriously asked at a really wrong timing. I thought they would give me some time to at least think through but they said they need the money by tonight or the ‘not nice people’ will go to her house and harass her. :/ L said he feels bad to put me in this place but yet out of loyalty in our friendship, I cannot don’t help. /argh. I told L i am giving him this additional money because of him and she better not be taking advantage of him. I even thought of lending money from friends for them.. but wlao, it is seriously none of my business.

So after one shit is somewhat cleared, Jo showed up at my doorstep. He called me to go out of the house and I thought “he got my keys. so why is he not letting himself in? is there going to be a surprise?” A surprise indeed! That bugger showed up drunk. When I head out, there he was… squatting at one corner, CRYING. WOAH. I had to squat there with him and try to coax him to go inside. HE SERIOUSLY CRIED, VERY BADLY! I kept asking him what happened but all he said were sorries after sorries. In the house, he started testing my patience by blabbering in Korean. /argh. I had to figure out what was he saying word by word. I had to piece certain verbs together (those that I can understand) and figure out the full sentence. He said he is better off dead and he’s sorry for not meeting me this whole week. He got to work tomorrow and he feels so sorry. He said this is the toughest week in his whole entire life. I asked if that was the true reason he’s crying (about feeling bad for not being able to spend time with me), he said yea. -.- He’s worried that I might just get sick of him. :/ Got to assure time and again that I won’t. Honestly, for a moment I thought he’s leaving me or breaking up with me so he was crying. tsk.

Again, I got to coax him up to the bedroom because I don’t want my family to see him like that. He just wouldn’t stop crying. & Just nice, my dad got to walk down the stairways while we were walking up. -.- Anyway, I tried kisses, I tried hugs, I tried acting cute, smiling to him like a retard.. nothing could cheer him up! Worst, I cannot really talk much because I tend to ask questions and when I do, he cried even more!

I’ve got no idea where he came from and why he got so drunk because he didn’t bother to inform me but he stinks. & this is the 2nd time this week (we only met twice this week, including tonight) that he forgot to wear our couple ring. -.- NOT PLEASED but I got to shut up about that for now. tsk. I got to remove his clothings and drag him to the shower. -.- I NEVER SHOWERED A DRUNK MAN BEFORE. tsk. He just sat there.. I was thinking that the water should at least help to make him feel more refreshing and hopefully sober him up. After struggling with the shower, I still got to help dress him up too. Again, he cried.. Spent some time to calm him down and FINALLY, I managed to put him to sleep. GOD! I dont think I’ve ever taken care of a drunk emotional man and okay.. good thing is that at least there is some sense of accomplishment. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW TOUGH IT IS. I even had to handwash his clothings for tomorrow (making myself more drenched from before). zZz.. there is no way he can wear those stinky out. /squint eyes. 

I’m not going to be a shitty Girlfriend and scold him for neglecting me because of work. I know it’s tough so I just got to adjust my own feelings. He’s really trying his best to adjust his lifestyle in SG (for me) and I’m always feeling bad for putting him in a bad spot. 

Just on the lights to sneak this picture. He must be really tired. (How can someone sleep so peacefully. Lol) 

I’m currently sitting in the dark, blogging while watching over him and this guy is seriously like a baby. lol. I don’t even know what time am i supposed to wake him up for work tomorrow. -.- I really don’t know what was wrong and whether am I supposed to ask him tomorrow. :/ At least for tonight, I can try to give him a good night sleep. /sigh. 

Please sleep well, sunshine. Don’t be too stressed up! I’m really alright if you’re too busy. I’ll stick by you, no matter what. Fighting! 

another day at home tomorrow. yippee.

shall just do some packing once again



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