Possible Acquistion + W.lab

I’ve actually been hearing that Pawcation is closing down.. The news is rather surprising because I know they were doing super well. I asked Kam if he wants to invest in me so I can make this business somewhat legal. Then, I went ahead to message the owners to see if we can do a possible acquisition. They said it is possible but right now, URA is closing them down because the area is not suitable for a dog hotel. Based on my knowledge, there is also WAGGING RIGHTS that is just down the road. So I don’t get why URA is shutting PAWCATION down and not WAGGING RIGHTS.

Anyway, they told me that if their appeal is successful, they probably will reopen. So the possible acquisition will only be discussed if all fail for them. I hate it that our government is so anal with pet businesses. URA actually told them that they might be a possible nuisance to the neighbouring companies but no one ever complained about them. So this scares me further about expanding my business to a legal one because I’ll always got to stress about where exactly can I put my business whereby the government will not think I’m a nuisance?

Another thing about my doggie business.. I just got approached by The Star Toronto to feature SFP with them! Super excited since this is basically free publicity. 😀

I recently got someone to Airfrov this W.lab mint mask pack (20,000 KRW) for me! IT IS A DEFINITELY MUST-BUY! It smells like my fav mint choco ice cream and it feels so refreshing~ It seems to have all this small bits that seriously resemble choco chips. This shall be my favorite mask for now. haha.

I told 2 people about my bday surprise for Jo and it’s funny how the both of them said the same thing – “Are you preparing a proposal or a birthday surprise?” -.- Is it that bad? tsk.

My sleeping supplement came in the mail today! SUPER IMPRESSED WITH THEIR SPEED. I shall start taking it today and hopefully have a good sleep. Again, I didnt manage to have a good sleep since I only managed to sleep at 5am and by 9am, I got woken up by my dad’s promoter from States. T.T I didn’t take a nap because I got to pack my jeans wardrobe.. which was in a complete mess.

Oh ya, i just realised after every impactful relationship, I always got the urge to do stupid things.. I guess it’s just my childish way of being rebellious somehow and I don’t know what’s the main logic behind these. For my first love, I got 8 ear holes. I tried to get use to smoking for this recent ex of mine but I’ve decided that I will be getting a tattoo done instead during my next Korea trip!!

I’m going to do a floral + wording tattoo on my wrist. 🙂 Probably with the word “happiness”. Honestly, I cannot wait for it to happen. My Korea trip is not confirmed because I’ve no idea if I will be invited to his sister’s wedding for sure. He said I am, but I dont want to put too much hope in it. If i’m not, I may just tag along once again and hide in Seoul and get my tat!

this is one of the reason why I cannot stay up too long because I tend to decide on stupid things and ended up really doing them. 

that’s all, folks!



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