Our ‘old’ place

Sunshine decided to drag me to ECP for an exercise session but thanks to my laziness, we only diligently ran for ~500m? -.-” He got a company car for the whole of this week which makes travelling so much easier.

We’ve not been here for the longest time and apparently the gahmen decided to do some changes there. It’s quite sad to see Burger King area being closed down. 😦 ECP is where we usually go to when we first started dating so that area means a lot to us. This is the place where we had our first kiss, his first try on asking me to be his gf and not to forget the time he got spooked by a mouse who ran past. HAHAHAAH. It’s very funny because we weren’t that close yet and he literally screamed. :p

We got some frozen yoghurt from Coffee Bean and I realised I’m able to make a few jokes with my limited korean that made him LOL. 😦 Felt quite sad that we could only spend ~2 hours together but good enough! He might be able to stayover tomorrow so I shall not ask for more. I FINALLY SAW HIS COMPANY CARD. HAHAHAH! He looked very toot in it cos his hair was very short. 2 things i dont like about his hair – i hate it when he do side parting and I also hate it when he cut it too short.. short fringe doesnt suit him because of his high forehead. As my Kr Oppa, he should just keep his hair long for me. hahaha.

L called me to talk and somehow, we talked for a good 3 hours. The poor fellow is getting himself into deep shit and I seriously feel like the 5k I’ve passed him is not helping him but harming him. The previous time when his gf and him came over to my place, they specifically told me the 6k was the end of their problem, which L managed to gather in the end. Now, she’s asking for another 5k. -.-” If he can’t get 5k, at least get 1k for her, which she needs by 1a.m.. which was in 2 hours time. WHAT SHIT IS THIS?! I got so angry for him. I got more information that she has actually been asking from him every fortnightly at first but the frequency increased and it become to almost every week in sums of more than 5k now. My dad is right.. these are never ending. Apparently, she’s also paying off some other guy’s debt that she ‘covered’ for. So what exactly is she in debt for and how much exactly? I told L to stop giving her money and just let her die. “But she is my gf”. This is not love, this is call taking advantage. Doesn’t make sense. He tried to get another 1k from me but i’m not stupid. We calculated in total together, the exact amount he passed her for the past 2 months & you’re not going to believe the sum – S$39,500. My exact words “can I also hold your hand and you give me 39.5k?” i dont get it. Why some girls can do anything for $$? I feel quite bad to tell it straight to his face (i just did) but this girl is seriously just being with him for money. How can you be with someone for nearly 2 months and not even get a peck on the cheeks? He kept saying it is because of this whole money situation but this situation is just an excuse to not get intimate. In fact, she should be more intimate to L for the things he had done for her. L is really a very nice guy and I dont understand why is he having all these girls swindling him (to be exact, this is  a second case). All he wants, is to look for someone who really loves him but he just get all these shit. He said he’s grateful for me and Kam because we passed him the cash without any doubts. To be fair, Kam is the true nice one because he passed him like 5-digits as of now. Anyway, i don’t have the rights to scold the girl for hurting my friend but I just hope L is tough enough to just stop all these silly nonsense and give himself some slack. /sigh.

By the way, my dad said if he got 25k by the arrival of the new car, he probably won’t trade in our Honda and pass it to me. He doesn’t see the need to trade it in for just 6k and we probably need a car for my doggie business. If i can save up that much like for real, I wouldnt mind paying for it. I seriously need to manage my finance better. I just spent like 1k online on clothings and shoes. T.T

My insomnia is not getting any better so I decided to get some sleeping supplements to help me from thinking about unnecessary things. I didn’t even know these exist but to save myself from the pain of getting these from the doctors, I did a quick search online. Melatonin not only help to increase metabolism, they also help to regulate your sleep. See, win-win situation for me. If it work well, I probably consider buying some for L. He haven slept well for a long time too :/ Hopefully it helps or I really need to get the real thing from the professionals. I’m tired of being tired and it scares me to go to bed, knowing that I might do rubbish thinking. I’m not telling anyone about this just yet because usually people will freak out by the word “pill”.

that’s all, folks!



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