Be Young Once Again

First night with Melatonin and I’m not sure if it acted as a placebo or not but it works fine! Jo stayed over but even though I was exhausted from exercising, I couldn’t fall asleep! That bugger fell asleep the minute he arrived my place lol. I popped one pill in, played with my phone for a bit. After 20-30 minutes, my whole body literally went into a relaxation mode. I could hear messages coming in, I wanted to check them but I felt a little too weak to check. The next thing I know, I arrived in dreamland. 😀 I did fall in and out of sleep as usual but it didn’t affect my sleep much. I woke up when Jo got to leave for work and even though I was sleepy, I felt somewhat better emotionally. May just be a psychological thinking since it is just my first day.

Went back to sleep once Jo left and I got woken up by L at around 10am because he got no one else to turn to. I invited him over to my house so we can talk properly. While waiting for him to arrive, I was clearing some instagram pictures. I miss the old Chia back in 2012-2014. I played dress up everyday, I had all the time to go places and I travelled hell lot with no worries. Now, I’m just an aging lady that will hit 30s soon and I need to depend on medication/drug to fall asleep. Scary how time flies and sometimes, I just wish that we all didn’t have to grow up.

L arrived and I got so pissed off because he tried to lie to me earlier on (again). His bank loan of 9.5k actually got approved (but he told me that it failed). I told him during our 3 hours phone chat that should his bank loan be approved, DO NOT give it to the girl. If he seriously want to, just pass her 5k (the amount she initially asked for) and keep the rest for himself. He didnt heed my advice and gave her 8k without consulting me. “I thought she is only asking for 5k, why did you give her 3k extra?” -.- his reply was that she thought giving her that money could make things easier. Well, we all knew it won’t so I dont know if my dear friend is just being stupid or naive. Anyway, her story now is that she gambled it away, in hopes of getting more money. She asked for a final 1k to “risk” for more and he seriously stupidly gave it to her to gamble. -.-” This seriously isn’t helping but feeding to her addiction. I gamble too but I don’t get THIS crazy. So now, she is asking for another 6k. -.-” Is she seriously using L to get easy cash? I told L to really let her be by herself because he is already about to jump off the cliff already. I doubt he will listen because he is asking me if i can get more money. -.-” I pity him, I really do. But no matter how blind the love is, this shouldn’t be happening. I don’t even know if I am supposed to pity him. -.- I want to offer paying his bills off for him or pass him $420 weekly to pay off one urgent debt of 5 weeks repayment. But, I dont know if I should. I got to control the niceness in me. Time and again, he believed this girl and each time she said it will be the last time. I don’t believe that she can be that stupid too, knowing how serious the situation is and yet gambled ALL the money away. L showed me her texts and she still got the cheek to ask him to go to other banks for loans. -.- And she kept threatening L that she’ll go to loan sharks or other unlicensed borrower. I told him to just ask her to go ahead! How dry she wants to suck him when right now, he’s struggling to even keep himself afloat. It’s already 48k now in 2 months and in this 1 week since I know about this, he already passed her a total of 15.5k. This whole issue is messed up and I’m kinda stuck between being a rational person or a friend with loyalty. I told L that he should never under value money and never give money to a girl that easily. “Because she’s my girlfriend”… there is also a limit to giving someone you love money. I don’t know is it men who are stupid or women who are cunning?

L finally come clean to his family what he has been doing so they wants him to cut her off while they take full control of his accounts. When I asked if they are still together, his reply was just “how to?” /sigh. She is begging for help to him which i find it super amazing at this point. She is still begging him to go get loans for her when the right thing for her to do now, is to come clean to her parents and get her parents to help. She got to face the consequences herself. :/ Even when L passed her some gambling hotline to contact, she refuse to and keep bugging L. seriously.. is this shameless or what?

I got to applaud to these girls that they are lucky to have someone stupid enough to let them take advantage on. tsk tsk.


On another note, sunshine finally sold the TV that another tenant left him at $50. hahaha. He was so happy and showed me his newly earned $50 note. Can’t wait to see him tomorrow!

i guess if only there’s a time machine, it will be so much better for all of us.

that’s all, folks!




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