LV x Supreme

Everyone is going on about LV x Supreme and I didn’t know about it till a friend asked what is nice there. I am not a huge fan of Supreme because everything there is overblown.

Just 3 things that caught my eye. The white sneakers cost 905usd, and the damn bag is already 3650usd. Their trunk series phone cover is still the same as the original ones in LV at 1280usd. I’ve been eyeing on LV trunk series phone cover for a long time but it doesn’t really make sense to buy a cover that expensive which I’ll probably use less than a few months (or a year max).


I went ahead to browse through LV’s webpage and I REALLY LOVE THIS BACKPACK! 1280euro so i need about 2800sgd? ❤ I’m not getting anything from the overhyped LV x Supreme Collaboration so I shall just keep my eyes fixed on my pretty backpack. Honestly, I have this stupid thinking that stops me from using my branded stuff once I got them. The chanel pastel series wallet that I got a while back…. i don’t even dare to use it because ‘m afraid it gets out of shape like my current LV one. I got the petite malle bracelet from LV that i like so much but only used once.  -.-

The L saga doesnt seems to be ending. I woke up with yet another message “Do you have news for 2000bucks?” -.- I thought the whole thing has come to an end when he approached his god-siblings for help. He said that the girl went ahead to borrow more from other unlicensed moneylenders, took the money to gamble once again but it was fruitful this time round… just not enough. -.-” this is just a whole vicious cycle. You should never gamble for more in hopes of covering debts. At the first place, you shouldn’t even be incurring that much debt. In this case, she dragged some innocent guy into her messy life and got him into shit too. When a gambling addiction hotline is available, she refused to go there. -.- At this point, I just feel like giving up because it seems like L is blinded. He asked me for another $100 to survive for the rest of the month. /sigh. I honestly don’t feel like helping him to just let him die too so that he can REALLY learn. $100 may seems small but I’ve given him way too much money now and it all started from just $100 at the beginning. :/ (annoying thing is that, yea.. i’m still going to give him that $100 despite my whines.) 

On a happier note, our bali trip is just 6 days away!! 😀 Super cite’. Another friend told me about the bali curse whereby unmarried couples will go there and ended up breaking up. :/ tsk.

I’ve been researching a lot about tattoos these days and I’m going to get a colored one! Another tattoo expert friend of mine gave me this link of Female Tattoo Artists in SG but their portfolio is just.. too loud for me. 😦 So I guess I only can do it in KR T.T


till next time!



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