SATURDAY – 15 July 2017


Our Saturday this week was spent watching Kooza! I’m someone that LOVES such shows (magic, circus and my all-time favorite standup comedies) and I was rather worried that Jo wouldn’t be too interested. I only got the tickets on Friday and I didn’t really have a proper chance to discuss it with him.

It was a super busy weekend for me because I suddenly have many last minute bookings. By the time we met, it was already 530pm. T.T I think by now, Jo has gotten used to wait for me while I finished up preparing. >.< We cabbed down to MBS to collect our tickets and my mind was in a rush. I kept thinking that we need to go in 2 hours before the actual showtime. -.-


my chubby kid face -.-

We were advised to just go in 30mins before the showtime so we got ~1.5 hours to spare. Jo suggested to shop around and the funny thing was he suddenly asked whether I wear belts and if this dior watch was nice. It suddenly dawned on me that he might be trying to get me to say what I want for my birthday. lol. When I tried to disturb him about it, he changed topic and then said that he had already gotten it ages ago. I’ve no idea where will he be bringing me to because it will be on a Thursday. He refused to give me any hints.


My initial plan was to just settle our dinner in TWC but while walking around, I noticed a huge collection of desserts in High Society. Rose Lychee cake was the specific one that caught my eye :p Good thing is, they serve main courses too so I managed to convince Jo to have our dinner there. πŸ˜€


2 Bayfront Avenue

#B2-47/48 Marina Bay Sands

Singapore 018972


my vain pot

As usual, waiting for food = taking pictures! Jo started fixing his hair with the restaurant’s reflective service stand. As we quarrelled over me being too engrossed with my phone, I tend to be very mindful afterwards. I’ll make it a point to tell myself that I am fidgetting too much with my phone or taking way too much pictures.


When I was checking out one of my incoming messages, Jo suddenly “ohohoh!” and I thought what happened. Apparently he had just taken the above candid shot of me, thinking that it’s a good shot. HAHAH! I agreed and he got so happy. “YES!” with a mini fist punch as though he won some game. I’ve been really picky with photos taken and he always got to take tons of photos before I can decided that we got that perfect one shot. This is the first time he didn’t had to take many many pictures for my approval. πŸ˜›

Their food isn’t fantastic but good enough. But the points really go to the ambience and their dessert there. I LOVE the ambience.. Oh, one thing I didn’t like was that the waitress that took our order wasn’t really friendly. I swear I smiled to her way more than she did and it didn’t felt too comfortable.

I ordered a dinner set for 1 person (38++ SGD) and it cost me an additional S$4 for choosing steak. Jo got the carbonara. They do not serve tap water so it is chargeable to get still or sparkling water. -.-” For an atas place like that in MBS, I thought the least they could do is to provide free flow ice water like any other restaurants.


Anyway, I can’t remember the exact name of my drink (Apple something – it’s a combination of apple, lychee and some bling(?) juice) but I kinda liked it. The glittery liquid just lights me up, just by looking at it. πŸ˜€ Seeing that I was so happy with my drink, Jo said that he can always make it for me. lol


Rose Lychee

There will always be room for dessert and this cake is the main reason why I even stepped foot into High Society. The taste didn’t disappoint me.. the rose and lychee taste is just the perfect blend. The price is also reasonable (S$6.80) so I don’t understand why some reviews on the restaurant stated that cakes there are way too expensive. Even my favorite fruit tart at a cafe near my place cost S$6.80 and it is smaller than High Society’s cakes. Jo isn’t a huge fan of cakes so I had the whole slice to myself. MUAHAHA. :p Super fattening but worth getting fat for. LOL


It took forever to settle the bill (~15 minutes?) and we got to speedwalk to the tentage area of Kooza. It was already 8pm when we left the restaurant. I bumped into a long time friend who I didnt meet for.. 7-8 years? & he still could recognize me! I told Jo i am not sure whether i should be happy or sad. I did PS is to be prettier but it seems like there isn’t any differences with all these people able to recognize me instantly. But he said little difference means even better because it is natural enough. :/

Arriving at the tentage, suddenly there were fireworks! Our very first time watching fireworks together and I didn’t know he love fireworks as much as I do (probably more than me). He couldn’t keep his eyes off the displays.



One of my regret choosing the night show was that taking a proper picture is difficult. The lighting just hits you at all the wrong places, making our full length photos really unflattering.


Entering through our designated gate, we came into the ‘gift shop’ area. You are allowed to bring your own water bottles (as long as they are not glass bottles). I would strongly recommend to do that because Jo wasted S$7 on a bottle of ice lemon tea when we could easily get it outside for S$1.50. -.-” The food and beverages there are, as usual, inflated crazily.



Another regret of mine was not heading into the venue earlier. There was this free photobooth that let you bring home free GIF photos. The queue was already crazy long when we went in and we tried to queue during intermission but again, the queue was too long. I wanted to take it AFTER the show but obviously the booth has already packed up by then. 😦 I thought it will be a good sounvenir for us so I was a little upset that we didn’t manage to get it. They should seriously consider having a second GIF photobooth, at least during peak periods. tsk. We ended up taking pictures with the nearest standee.


By the way, the sitting plan in SISTIC is seriously way overdrawn. lol. The venue isn’t as big as illustrated and I would have try to purchase tickets nearer to the middle (somewhere between Cat 2 and Cat 3) because that area was where a lot of interaction happened. If you have not watch it and got the intention to watch, please don’t bother getting the seats at the sides. The performances are catered more to people in the middle and I guessed you probably cannot enjoy the whole experience if you chose the wrong seats.


my 2 fav acts

I seriously hoped that I am even half as flexible as the performers. They were just so amazing. I supposed we were really lucky that we had a really spontaneous volunteer that played along with the clowns and it made the both of us (i believe the whole audience) laughed so hard!

The tickets are not cheap (ranging from S$98 to $334). We got Cat 3 seats at S$194 each and I strongly think that anything after Cat 3 probably won’t worth the money. I would still recommend for to go for the show but do just consider paying more! They will be in town till 12 Aug! πŸ˜€

SUNDAY – 16 July 2017

As usual, Jo stayed over the night before so the first half of Sunday will always be our “alone time”. We headed over to Bedok for our first meal at Din Tai Fung.. I was craving for their Prawn Egg Fried Rice.

Somehow, I didn’t have the energy or mood to do anything at all. I didn’t exactly sleep well because of 2 dogs that I accepted for 5 days. They has been barking for the past 3 nights (whole night, non stop). I had M to depend on but I didn’t eat it yesterday since Jo was just sleeping beside me so I only fell asleep at ~4am. Woke up at 10am to start working. >.<

At night, I went over to his house but we only spent 3.5 hours together. I ordered Soup Spoon for our dinner. He started blowing each spoon of soup and feeding them to me. That was when I thought to myself, how close we have become.. I used to only be able to meet him when I had full makeup on but now he always laugh at my “auntie style”, finding it cute and still be crazily in love with the ugly me. We came this far to be so comfortable with one another and this guy actually know me, understanding me purely by his precise observations. To be honest, last night’s dinner at High Society.. I looked at him and seriously thought to myself that I might just be the luckiest girl to have him. I don’t understand why some people find him not good looking when he’s basically my prince charming.

After dinner, he started browsing YouTube and suddenly, he opened a video that is actually the full video of Kooza (2 hours). -.-” We watched it together and realised there were a few differences to what we saw last night. I thought that the video consisted of more dangerous acts though. Not regretting going there still. Somehow, the video helped us to relive last night and it’s good that I can see the perfomances upclose. I didn’t know that the music were sang live.. I thought they were recordings. Double impressed with Kooza.

Dad came to pick me up again and when we were preparing to head down, Jo suddenly lifted me up and tried to spin me. LOL! Scared me but I must admit, he made me laughed. I joked that he can do that for our daily hug. Jo started giving me a new nickname – his little bear. -.-” I told him that the new nickname sound like an inspiration from me being short and fat. lol

On the contrary, Jo never exactly make me feel bad about myself. Over at his place, I kept flapping my arms and told him that I looked disgusting. Somehow, he always have his ways to make me stop thinking bad about myself. πŸ˜‰ He really knows me a lot, without me having to tell him much. can’t be any more blessed than this!


I’M SO GOING TO PUT THIS ON MY FINGER SOME DAY. It’s an inspiration from SKII latest controversy which means a lot to me. I was once told I am going to be expired and that many guys find women after 30 zero value and attraction. lol. Well~, they should really learn to respect women. Perhaps I should even put it on my middle finger that probably makes the message even more meaningful. πŸ˜€

L’s saga… this shit doesn’t seems to end. He contacted me again for 6k and I thought he said he had cut ties with her. By cutting ties, I meant not even contacting her. He confessed that K knew everything now and L’s main purpose to confess to K was to actually get more money to help her. -.-” what the hell is going on in his mind?! Are men really enjoying the process of getting taken advantage of? Despite the fact that he told me the woman is just a little short for her full repayment, it seems like she needed another 5k for today and 3k for tomorrow. -.-” I tried to tell him that it will just be a vicious cycle if he just can’t stop finding money for her or stop her from finding money. Now, the suicide game comes in. She is threatening to suicide if L can’t find the money. -.-” GOD. Honestly, if she wants to suicide (which I doubt she got the courage to do so), please just go ahead. She made my friend’s life miserable and yet do not have the decency to stop harassing him. She needs serious help from professionals. The funny thing is, she refused to go to these professionals, refused to go back to Malaysia but yet kept harassing L and taking advantage of his love for her. -.-” She even somewhat blames L for ditching her during her ‘hard’ times. argh It’s scary what money can do to women and what women can do for money.


utterly speechless.Β 

L said that other than feelings, he finds her pitiful. Well, the fact that he gave her 48k and got himself in shit load of debts in less than 2 months… he actually helped her enough which she didn’t cherish. I am obviously not giving her anymore money, pushing L deeper into the hole. My job as a friend is to pull him out of it. tsk. BTH. I seriously have got no idea how to help this dear friend of mine.. & i feel equally bad to see him suffer. /sigh. But giving some more money is pure harm, thats for sure.

till next time~~~~



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