We’re Heading Out of Town!

I hate it when my body will naturally go into an “excited” state whenever I go overseas. I can’t seems to get packing done, I’ll overpack and repack over and over again, I will have even more difficulty falling asleep and I worry too much.

It’s only a 4 days 3 nights trip and since we’re taking the night flight tomorrow, technically we will only have 2.5 days to enjoy. -.-” & yet I have no idea what to pack. /argh.

So far, I’ve paid for everything for this trip and Jo suddenly asked if we can split the amount instead. o.O He has been changing himself and offering to pay within his capability. 😉

I can’t wait to show him the surprises!! You know what, he kinda tricked me into saying my destination. He actually guessed all along that it will be either Bali or Bangkok. He tested me out by asking “Is it your first time to Bali?” and I immediately screamed yes. -.-” I’ve never been to Bali so I am not sure what to expect. /keeping fingers crossed!

i forgot to complain abt one thing. i have phobia for flights and that bugger just got to “do you know about airasia plane that went missing from indonesia? what if we ended up like that too?” -.- i’ve been doing nonsense thinking ever since. tsk

Jo is freaking out over my plans because he worried that I’ll do so much for his birthday and he doesn’t have a single clue on what to do for my birthday. He doesnt want to disappoint me (which he got a strong intuition that he will).


I shall try to sleep now because tomorrow is a rush day! I got to work in the afternoon, and leave for the airport at 7pm!

just some things in the middle of the night~ i can’t paint my own nails lol but im definitely not those kind that go to nail salon. 


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