Back from Holiday 

Bali feels like Hawaii (referring based on how tv depicted it since I’ve not been there). And I’m in love with the city. We caught sunsets for all the 3 nights we were there..

I’m experiencing sunburns for the first time in many many years. Sunburns in all places – my back, tummy, scalp (didn’t even know your head can be sunburnt), arms. I’m not used to the pain and itchiness but it feels good in some sense. Our stay was too short and I’m dying to go back there! Moreover, my insomnia definitely didn’t happen there and I slept so well each night!

my surprise didn’t go as well or as wow as I wanted it to be. It wasn’t like whatever was in my imagination. ;( but I hope it still made his bday trip a special one.

I only prepared S$500 for the both of us and I ended up having to activate my credit card. I think we spent more than S$1000 for just 3 days -.- Our last day was spent with stupid tour that we signed up for and thinking back, I’m starting to think it is the stupidest idea. This day was also the day when we spent the most -.- everywhere we go, needed money to go in. Tsk.

Anyway, Jetstar is horrible and I don’t remember them being this bad. Our flight got delayed for a good 3 hours. I’m more worried about Jo, because his Monday is packed with work and Chinese class ;(

It’s 6am now and I’m going to bed! Will sort my pictures out and blog about our trip asap! ^^



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