27th Birthday


At 23:50ish, someone opened my room door with a bouquet of flowers and a box of cake. It was supposed to just be a birthday wish over a video call so I couldn’t contain my happiness.

He proceeded to play happy birthday song in my room lol. I was asked to close my eyes for my present (he hinted it was something small but I can’t really guessed it). Then he lifted my left hand up and stuck a ring on my fourth finger. I couldnt stop smiling like an idiot.



It’s my very first diamond ring in my whole 27 years of living. SUPER HAPPY! I am not a diamond expert and I don’t really care about how many carat it is.. I am just happy that I finally got a bling to call my own (moreover it’s my fav white gold)! 😀 Sadly, even though he got the smallest size from the store.. it is still too loose for me T.T Jo said I might need to part with it for 2 weeks to do a resizing with the store which I’m SUPER reluctant. :/


I didn’t want to spoil the wordings 😦 So I cut from the empty spaces. 😀 By the way, as you get older, you’ll actually be super selective to chocolate. I’m not exactly sure since when, I don’t really like too chocolatey stuff. The cake Jo got me is one of my fav – chocolate banana cake but I find it super sinful and I probably wouldnt want to eat more than a slice. :/

I waited all day to be reunited with Jo for dinner. He was all mysterious about the place that he will be bringing me. I was only told at 7.30pm to meet at Fullerton Bay Hotel. I was literally excited to see him that, again, I couldn’t stop smiling to myself. He thought I was crazy. haahhaa. He was telling me that he will be bringing to Lau Pa Sat for dinner, eating satay and stingrays. I looked at him and gave a -.- face. He deliberately walked past our restaurant and suddenly dragged me in.

La Brasserie

80 Collyer Quay

Singapore 049326


It was my very first time there and the ambience was okay. The restaurant was brightly lit and really quiet. The staff was asking if we wanted any water. Thinking that water are usually free in an atas place, I asked for still water. ONE BOTTLE COST LIKE S$10 -.- I’m starting to sound very auntie but wlaoooo.. the price is insane. Towards the end of our meal, they even refilled our water with ice water that made our water tasted like tap water. So does that mean ice water was free? if so.. WHY DONT THEY JUST SERVE THAT TO US. tsk.

I don’t know why but I feel bad when I saw the menu. I expected that the bill will be S$100-S$200 and I thought it is considered to be on the higher side for him. Anyway, we went ahead and order the 3-course meal for the both of us.


Their servings are huge, even for their starters. The steak is one of the best, super soft and juicy. Initially I underestimated the portion because it seemed so little. >.< I ended up being super bloated.


When my dessert was served, they seemed to forget about Jo’s. And after his came, suddenly the waitress brought out a cake for me. o.O It’s again, chocolate cake. I realised restaurants love to give complimentary chocolate cake as birthday cake. For Jo’s bday in Bali, it’s the same! For his birthday, I even over-ordered! So if I knew it was the same for my birthday, i wouldnt order any dessert at all. lol.



The staffs there were really nice though. They wished me happy birthday twice (once when they served the dessert and another time when we were walking out 🙂 ).

I was joking to Jo that he infringed copyright issues with me. HE COPIED MY CAKE LETTERINGS. lol. I call him sunshine as his nickname and he usually either call me bear, puppy or baby but seldom sunshine. SEE!! PROOF. Then, both our restaurants for each of our respective birthdays gave free chocolate cake. haha.

We walked around just a little before grabbing a cab back home to his place and I could really see that he was exhausted. He kept apologizing because he could hardly stay awake because of food coma. He K.O in the cab and immediately after he got home.

okay, i can’t stop admiring my new ring. HAHA! I came home and started camwhoring with it.

Just a random thought, I was initially bothered about my ex because i know my ex has been talking some shit about me to his current partner (just like how he did to his ex before me to me- she’s a bitch lah. she’s this and that lah). The shitty thing was he ran back to her after me. o.O When we were still together, I even poked him that he will sure say the same thing to his new partner (which I ended up being not wrong). so.. yea.. Anyway, I think one should never ever talk bad about his/her ex to his/her current partner.. it’s just basic respect to the ex as a person. One good thing about Jo, he hates talking about the past. He never once asked me about my past relationships while on the other hand, I was the annoying one that kept poking him with his ex.


that’s all, folks!



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