Just my day

Great! My week just get even better. I just got bitten by one of the dogs -.-‘ thankfully, I moved quick enough that she only got my index finger. Now, I can feel the blood bumping and it hurts.

I feel like those cartoon character that got their fingers hurt , with their swollen finger going big and small, big and small. Lol.


❤ for denims ~

Currently on my way to get a haircut with the princess. we’ve been going out two consecutive days and I’m worried that the office people might mind :/ but she seems so upset when we don’t head out.


I did a small trim @ Style Na Parkway Parade with the princess at home. I took quite some time to find Bella who I can really trust my hair with (got to admit, I am bias towards Koreans now. Even the tattoo artist that I’m aiming for is a Korean).

She decided to experience with my hair and did a little wave after the haircut. Actually, I am never a huge fan of waves.. even though I thought it’s a pretty style. I thought it didn’t really suit me well like any other ladies.. I thought it made me older than I’m actually is. Told my brother about it and he went “you’re 27 already! how kid you still want to look?!” -.-

Anyway, maybe the dog bite earlier on was a bad omen thingy because after my haircut, Princess wanted to take a picture with my camera.. & that was when we both realized none of us have it. I wasn’t happy, really wasnt. She was the one that took it out of the house and I thought the least she could do is to take good care of it. Then, she went on to also push a little blame on me, stating that she already passed it to me on the cab. The last time I saw it was when she took it out of the house to board the cab. I didn’t see her pass it to me. She initially wanted me to bring her to some polka dot museum that almost whole sg went but obviously i went ahead to cancel it. WHO STILL GOT THE MOOD?! I started panicking and called Uber which unfortunately, doesnt have a lost and found department or a hotline for passengers. The driver wasn’t very patient either because he was driving. So fast forward, driver finally called after an hour (which felt like ages) to say that it was in his car after all. I offered to drive to his place which was all over at Admiralty -.-” Before the camera has been found, Princess said she would pay $400 to me back for the camera. It isn’t the camera that I am angry about, it’s my memories that is in the memory card. Besides, how can I accept the money from her?


I offered to send Lily back home and the moment she happily went to her owner, I miss her already 😦 I texted my Pushok’s owner but he didn’t reply. T.T It gets very difficult when I get too attached to them and goodbye will always be the hardest thing.. especially not knowing when will be the next time we meet again.


Jo met me for dinner at our usual Korean bbq place – Chowon Garden. I think I might have a fine coming up soon. While taking a turn to Tanjong Pagar from MCE, suddenly there was a flashlight. I didn’t dash any red lights but I suspected that I might be over the speed limit by a little. It was a turn with amber lights flashing to signal that there is a traffic light coming to a stop right in front. Usually, I’ll slow down but i think I was a little fast. Assuming the limit is 50km/h, I may be 60? 😦 I’m praying hard that it was either my eyes tricking me about the flashlight or… it was someone else.

When I parked the car, it was a little slanted so I adjusted it immediately. The uncle beside me cracked me up because when I tried to get off the car, he do a thumbs up with a big smile. LOL!

As usual, the boyfee ordered pork belly, bbq pork rib and my favorite egg soup!! 🙂 Another good thing about going there with Jo is that he knows the lettuces are not supposed to be chargeable. I went there once without him and they charged me for those. tsk tsk. Additional $4 okay!


After dinner, poor Boyfee got to take over the wheels to go all the way to Admiralty to get my camera. It was already 830pm. Then, we needed to go to Punggol immediately to pick up 2 dogs. After getting my camera, i could see Jo was a little grumpy because of his exhaustion from work and I felt horrible at that point. I only managed to make him laugh when we borrowed the owner’s toilet to use. Not trying to be disgusting or rude, but their toilet wasnt exactly clean. It was as though someone before us shitted till there were chocolate chips left behind the sides of the toilet bowl and it couldnt be flushed off. Jo went ahead first and after I was done, I whispered to him if it was him.. (it isn’t nice to dirty someone’s else toilet la). He immediately said it wasn’t him.. he just peed. LOL! Then even when we got home, he still went “it really wasnt me ah, just now. I really just peed”.


Ok, towards the end of the day.. I started to like the temporary waves a little. Sadly, I didn’t get to take much pictures with it and it will be gone the moment I wash my hair. Should I curl my hair in the future? lol. I’m still preferring straight over wavy though.

the house feels so empty without Lily. for the past one week, she entertained me well till i fall asleep.

I am really exhausted from going out whole day for the past 2 days. & I would still need to do it for one last day again for the Princess. :/ Tons of work waiting for me and I still got to pick the parents up from the airport. I woke up with L messaging me for another 2-4k. ….. I’m utterly speechless over the whole situation because I was aware that Kam gave them another 15k just last week. He said that the girl took the money to repay her friends first, rather than the major moneylenders. Is someone really that stupid? 

Really not sure if am I supposed to save him or just let him drown?

the nightmares seem to stop, for now.

that’s all, folks!



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