Few days back, I mentioned that one of my dad’s staff passed away. Today, my accountant decided to show me the pictures of the guy. :/ From his body being brought to the hospital to the cremation. T.T I hate to see such pictures because it’s really weird to see someone you know to be lying dead and eventually turn to ashes. I could even saw the stitches below his chin. :/ When I die, will i be like that? It’s seriously depressing to know that I’ll just turn to ashes eventually and disappear from this world. I’ve imagine disappearing from this world a few times, to a point my heart feels funny and I couldn’t sleep. My family are buddhists but I don’t really believe much in anything. I actually thinks that we will shut down like a broken computer that can never be fixed… and then forgotten. :/


We went all the way to National Gallery in hopes of visiting the raving Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition but the queue was horrible. So we just walked around taking pictures.


i’m looking so tall and skinny! hahaha. loving my new shoes from nastygal


I think I am somehow ‘allergic’ to the sun because if I stay too long out there, I’ll end up having a really bad headache 😦 Anyway, we walked all the way to the flyers.

I ended up taking selfies only because it isnt my first time there.. & my first time was actually 7 years ago? lol. Today marks the final day of my responsibility to bring Princess out as her ‘overdued’ off days. Got to really focus on my work from tomorrow onwards.

Oh yea, i stopped exercising for a while because I’ve lost the motivation. LOL. decided to weigh myself and apparently, I gained 2kg. Somehow in denial, convincing myself that it must be lunch.. but still feel so horrible.


HAHAHA. JUST FOR LAUGHS! hope this brighten everyone’s day!

there’s nothing much today & i got to pick my parents up from the airport in 15 minutes!

so that’s all for now! I’ll work on my bali post real soon :p



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