I think I probably update the Bali post on Mon – Wed. These days i’ve been in high spirits in a way. The heart feels a lot lighter & i’ve been playing with this particular app with new face filters. hahahaa. I’m ditching all my image to upload it on instastory and disturbing my bf with it. JUST FOR LAUGHS!

hhahaha. I’m not sure why a handful of people isn’t feeling it. It’s freaking hilarious, especially when you go GIF! (ps; I don’t exactly like this particular one (above) because of the damn mole just above the lips.)

Today I went all the way to Sentosa again for our usual seafood republic to entertain Dad’s business partner. I somewhat like to go there at night.. it’s comparable to being in a beach. Did I ever mention that our first date was there? lol. It was raining back then and Jo actually used his bag to shield me from the rain. My first time meeting such well-mannered guy so I supposed that was what attracted me to him. ^^


okok, I swear this is the last one. HAHAHAHAH.

this is for whoever is having a bad day out there  😀 

that’s all, folks!



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