Jo was craving for Mala so once we woke up, we headed over to Bedok Int food court. I can never understand why would people like spicy food.. you eat till you perspire like hell. & it definitely look as though you’re suffering than enjoying. haha.

We went our separate ways after lunch. Back at home, I was being baked by the sun. It’s crazy hot! I wanted to just hide in my room with the AC on but owners kept leaving me hanging.. So I had no choice but to stay put downstairs with a pathetic fan. tsk.


Watched Okja with the princess and it made me cry.  It’s about this girl being tasked to take care of a super pig owned by a huge corporation. The huge corporation are actually running an experiment to mass produce super pigs for extraordinary delicious pork. Anyway, all these animals show will always play with the audiences’ emotions.

I love my meat but to watch a movie that portray their last moment is horrible. I remember once when I went to Taiwan many years ago, my dad’s friend brought us to a live chicken farm-restaurant to eat their chicken. I lost my appetite and refused to eat the chicken that they just slaughtered :/ I have a weird thing with seafood because for them, if my emotions don’t get the best of me, I’ll do fine in a fresh seafood market. But I would really prefer to avoid eating things that were alive just before I consume it.


It was running in the late afternoon/evening. As usual, I was supposed to pick Jo up from his chinese class. Got my dad to send me over and Jo was so engrossed at staring straight, he didn’t notice me sneaking up on him from the side. haha.

Jo suggested to head to Marche for an early dinner. I didnt know that the Marche in Raffles City isn’t the buffet style one (it’s Marche Movenpick). My eye caught on the signboard saying that today’s special is raclette cheese! Got so happy that Jo laughed at me. THEY HAVE RACLETTE CHEESE ON STEAK! I swear it’s the best combi. :pPp Still drooling over the thought of it. Jo just got the usual carbonara and we ordered the mixed berries lemonade. I’ve no idea how often they have the raclette cheese special but they should seriously consider making it a fixed item in their menu. hehe.


Walking around and at one of the escalators, Jo suddenly asked me to lean back and sit on his thigh. o.O He said that he was worried that my legs are tired. lol. Sometimes, I don’t know what did I do to deserve him.


Okay, I needed to whine about the kimono romper that I was wearing. I didnt know it had this small clip thingy to make it not so low cut. So I didn’t buckle it till after dinner. -.-” Jo was initially complaining about how low it is and I’m crazy enough to wear it out. When we found out that I was supposed to clip it together and even laughed about it, he was like “seriously!?” hahaha. I seriously didn’t know. >.< Not that I do it on purpose to show off my bralet.


Walking past St. Marc Cafe, they had the choco banana split ($9.80) on display. hehehe. I’m a sucker to Banana Split. It’s another simple yet heavenly combi. They even had cornflakes at the bottom of it. YUMMY!


I suggested for National Day’s date, we should wear Red/White and he gave me the -.- face. hahaha. What’s wrong?! It’s fun! I actually did it once very very long time ago with my first love. So it do mean something to me to do it again with Jo.

We bumped into Des & Fel on the train and it was a little awkward somehow. haha. D&F reminds me of my past relationship because we had the same ‘anniversary’ date but they were one year later.


We stayed at my place and waited for the fireworks to happen (like every other years before). -.-” Walked all the way there at 10pm, waited for about 30minutes only to find out that no fireworks is going to happen. wlaoooo. Thankfully I sent Jo to the MRT around 10:15pm because he looked so exhausted.

We were talking about us growing old.. like how we get tired easily these days. We don’t crave for nightlife and we sleep a lot. 😦 He, in particular, feels that he is not as strong physically, always feeling exhausted. Honestly, I’m really worried.. worried that he may become like my ex and that our relationship will go stale. :/ This adds on to the original worry of mine.. the fact that he may eventually leave SG for good. Anyway, I really hope we can at least maintain having the happiness now in our relationship.


Feeling really exhausted. It’s as though I walked a lot today when I actually didn’t really walk that much. :/


hehehehe, i look like the ladyman character in stephen chow’s movies. :p

Have a good laugh and be happy. 😀

that’s all, folks!



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