Birds of Paradise 

I stayed home for most of the day because the boyfee needed to work! :/ 4 days of not meeting felt like torture to me. & the humid hot weather just made me felt more shitty.

We met at my place so that we can take bus to Parkway Parade but it was already close to 830pm. I booked a cab and off we went! sunshine was craving for Mala but the ingredients wasn’t appealing so we ended up eating Heniu Teppanyaki.. we’ve not been there for ages & I thought the veg tasted a little bland 😦


i was having a strong craving for ice cream and we haven’t got the time to try out Birds of Paradise @ Katong. Walked all the way there and i didn’t expect so many people queuing for it! I didn’t want to delay the people behind so I didn’t bother to try out the Flavours before ordering.. ordered Mint and Lychee Raspberry for the both of us. Not too bad, not too bad. 😉

We havent spend much time together this week 😦 He is nice enough to offer to stayover too. if only everyday is like that.



till next time~



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