Feeling extremely extremely tired, physically.

Been trying to clear all my paperwork but it seems to be never ending. Business isn’t too good for both sides – my dad and my own & it’s demoralizing.

By the way, the saddest news today is the legal separation of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. They are one of the loving power couple so their separation came as a surprise. ;( they seems so happy and loving on social media. T.T huge HUGE fan of them so my heart breaks into a million pieces upon hearing the news. In fact, I was hoping that it’s an April’s fool joke. Only issue is….. it isn’t April ;(

As usual, I went to pick sunshine up from his Chinese class. We went to Mos Burger for dinner at Raffles City. I didn’t want to eat because I feel faugly (a word I created, which means fat and ugly). I told Jo that I want to go on a strict diet with salad and chicken breast only. But he laughed at me because the moment he suggested to go Mos Burger, my eyes lit up. :/ i seriously need to lose hell lot of weight for HP’s birthday.

I find it funny when he speaks his newly learnt Chinese to me and I reply back in Korean. Not to brag, but my Korean is getting alright. I always learn new words from him and I can understand most of what he say usually. Hehe, perks of dating a foreigner – you get to learn a new language for free.

Okay, this may sound weird but I actually find myself smiling to myself because I find my own boyfriend charming. Hahaha. I really love to see him drive 😉 his company’s Hyundai car amuses me because of its rooftop. Both of us didnt knew that we could open it up with a switch.

We went back to his place and we found out that his toilet isn’t fixed yet. The flushing was broken since yesterday. Initially, the presence of a bucket determines where we should stay over tonight. If a bucket is there, it means the toilet isn’t fixed and he got to stay at my place. Hahahah. I ran to the toilet and tadah! There it was. He was complaining about it because he was hoping it would already be fixed by the time he got home, especially since the owner was aware of the situation since yesterday.

The moment I got to his house, my mind just switched off and I’m feeling really sleepy. Kept blabbering nonsense out of exhaustion. Lol. I think we need our massage therapy this weekend!

Oh yea, L looked for me for money again and I told him that I’m actually really tight in money too. Somehow, I feel bad both ways – whether I lend the money or not. :/ he said 2.5k would be good too. /sigh. If I don’t help, I feel like a lousy friend but if I help, I’m making myself look stupid.

Just another random thought (was watching Friends With Benefits in the middle of the night.. I couldnt sleep whie Jo was already happily in dreamland) –

Every girl always dream and wait for her prince charming to sweep her off her feet. But is it really too much to ask, a too naive thought? I dont need a guy to spend lots of money on me because even though it’s a comfortable living, it’s not a long term happiness. I don’t need you to bring me to every fancy restaurant in town.. I need someone who is able to make me feel that I can depend on him at all times, someone that I know will always be there when I need him. I just need someone to always be there for me, take good care of me, snuggle with me in bed and be the best friend that I always needed.

that’s all, folks! 



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