National Day!


okay, the picture didn’t turn out as nice as I expected. hahahaha

I managed to get the bf to wear the red/white theme for national day! hahahaha. Even though he was super reluctant, he decided to just play along with me 😀 The moment he saw me done with my preparation for the date, he went “pretty!”.

I was actually hoping to get tickets for the parade but well, life doesn’t always play out properly.

He got to work earlier on 😦 So by the time we met, it was already dinner time. Without a proper plan as to where to go, Jo suggested to go to Starker Bistro. We went ahead to Katong’s branch since I wanted to be considerate that the next day will be another working day for him.



Tg Katong Rd

88 East Coast Road #01-16

S 423371

It’s my first time to Katong Square, ever since it got renovated. The place is like a deserted village with very very few people. We kinda like the quietness of that area though. The national day spirit can be felt as all the restaurants were having big screens with the live broadcast of the parade.


This is one of the restaurant with a breathtaking interior that I was really impressed with. They have 5 different types of beer and even though I’m not a beer person, I was drawn to the Lychee one. :p

I always have this sad kid face on me that I cannot stop complaining each time. lol. You know, Jo doesn’t really have a good impression on me on our first date, because he said I looked angry/unhappy. BUT at least he said that he fell in love with my smile (basically, this guy is very good in making me feel good about myself – he loves everything about me that I hate).

Food wise – not too bad. The carbonara is good but nono to the caesar salad. It tasted weird and dry. I’m still not able to find that same tasty salad from Korea ;( 

After dinner, we thought of catching some Korean movie but it isnt out yet. So we watched Planet of The Apes. So coincidentally, we saw Long Legs who happened to watch the same movie. LOL. It’s funny how Jo felt a little insecure afterwards because he’s always jealous of him.

Even though I wiki-ed the whole plot, I still cried twice.  With the last scene, i cried like hell. My man always got a handkerchief handy for such situation. 😀 I still love the movie though but I’m not too sure if Jo understood it. He was still amazed with the whole thing.

On the side note, L is the only friend that I am willing to keep passing money like no one else’s business. Even though Jo asked me to stop, I just feel really bad. Last spoken, he needed 2.5k which I’ve not been replying.. He got the message but still begged me to help for $411 to save his own job. Why am I so soft-hearted? I’ve no idea how to say no, especially when he never stop trying his luck on me. I’ve passed him a total of 5.4k at this point and I’m feeling really tight on cash flow…. really really tight. :/ This story has go on for quite some time but my real unhappiness is that I got fooled in giving so much money at the first place. He lied to me that it was for himself but in actual fact, to give to some cheating girl that made full use of him. I don’t even know whether am I going to have it back when he has already incurred $80k on himself now. :/

got to really focus on saving 20k by early next year to renew my car lease!

really feel super in love to see him drive. hahaha.

that’s all, folks!