hmm… because im so reluctant to pay wordpress for more image storage, I got myself to be used to Dayre. 🙂 I actually dont like the fact that people can view it anonymously and I can’t exactly keep track of who’s viewing it.

But it’s actually a super friendly platform. I can just upload my pictures directly and blog on the road.

Anyhow, it’s my usual nickname (the one i always use everywhere) minus the last 3 letters. 🙂




You know what’s “best”? I’m supposed to reach JRxHP’s ROM ceremony by 10am. But I only woke up at 930a.m. Trying to finish my chores fast, Suarez decided that it’s still not time for him to get out of bed yet -.- Not only that, Bruno (a somewhat aggressive GR) decided to Attack Rony (a beagle with overly anxious pawrents) and bite me when I tried to separate them apart. -.- what a “great” way to wake up. 

Money & Assistance

Yesterday, all of us had a great scare and well, it was a really huge lesson learnt. I passed princess a stake of $1000 note for her salary (she needed to send home). It was supposed to be 8 pieces but when I handed it over to her, it was only 7 pieces. We didnt count before she left home and she only realised when she had arrived at the money charger. Neither did I have the 8th note with me.

So basically, both of us were in panic mode because how long do we have to work for $1000? Both of us are at fault for not counting right in front of each other and I shouldn’t be so easy when it comes to money. Ended up, the 8th note was found somewhere. -.-” When I couldnt find it, I even suggested to ‘compensate’ her another $500. :/ huge HUGE lesson learnt.

I cabbed to J’s house at night, to spend time with him till he fell asleep, in which I switched off all the lights, covered him up with his blankie and snuck out afterwards to head back home. J has been REAL busy at work and I find myself waiting more than usual.

Dad and I went out to hunt for a new domestic helper. We only visited one agency and Dad seems to find someone that he is alright with (who can only speak basic english). But, ultimately… I am not only looking for someone who can clean the house, I too need someone to juggle the dogs with me. & frankly speaking, it isnt easy. The moment I said I got ~4 dogs and live in a 3 storey house, the looks of the on-site helpers changed. :/

Oh yea, and everyone warned me not to be TOO nice to the next helper. Ironically, even Princess hinted that. I’m kinda asking Princess to help find the right replacement for her because I know it isnt easy but I can confidently say that coming to our house, it really isn’t a really bad thing after all.

JT was telling me about her current feelings with her bf. They have been together since sec school so we’re talking a relationship of at least 12 years. Out of the blue, she too felt like everything is going down.. she’s sad but she got a real strong feeling to end things off. She’s treating him real cold, not replying to his text. I was in her shoes, to a point of treating my ex real shitty. I advised her not to because ending a long-term relationship isnt easy, in fact… she will be in a great pain (just like me and Lynn). You’re not only losing a boyfriend, but a best friend that is already part of you. Unless she is super confident that she is better off without him, I am super against that idea. Furthermore, Y is a real good boyfriend (even though not too romantic). lol

that’s all for now!