24/25 May – 100th Day Celebration

(very into this song!)


(the ‘anniversary’ is a little misleading when it should just be our 100th day celebration)

Jo and I actually start dating earlier but we didn’t had any official dates, so Jo fixed it at 14 March. 🙂 This celebration came just right in time, especially when I’m in too much stress.

Dad is trying to get 15k from me again to purchase the new car. Fair enough, I need the car as much so it makes sense that I need to contribute a little but I don’t think it’s the right time to get a new car. Moreover, it’s 15k we’re talking about and it just feels like not only do I need to support my own extravagent spendings, I need to support my family’s.

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My dragon boy was down with hives. 😦 It all happened ever since he ate some other dog’s NTUC pasta leftovers. Moral of the story: Do not anyhow feed junk food to your dogs. But the vet said that since the pasta was 3 days ago, it is weird that it isn’t subsiding. It may be due to another factor. But there isn’t anything out of the norm that I can think of…. except for that damn pasta. 9 years with him and this is the first time I see him having an allergic reaction. We’ve fed him organic pasta previously and he was fine.

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Spa Day!


One of my favorite morning is to wake up with this cutie beside me. I love my 2 dogs but Suarez is a bonus. haha. Till date, I think that his ex-owners were mad enough to abandon him in Dubai.

I head down as usual, doing my own things only to receive a call from Spa Vintage that my appointment was cancelled. -.-” I’ve been looking forward to this massage for ages and I started to search for alternatives (obviously all the good and affordable ones like Adeva Spa and Z Spa were all fully booked). I finally settled with the nearest one – Spa Lifestyle.

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Day 8-9: Finale

[ 25 – 26 MAY 2017 ]

Because I had too much fun the previous night, we didn’t want to wake up till nearly check out time and our stuff were EVERYWHERE. We had to quickly pack before 12pm. Since I still got to make up and all, Jo actually helped to pack my baggages. aw~

Anyway, we actually wanted to extend one more night because after discussing, we felt that it may be too tedious for me to stay in his city for one night and return to Seoul the next morning. It was also too troublesome for him to send me all the way back to Seoul and immediately had to return back to Cheon-an. But the hotel has a super weird policy. You got to check out and return after 2pm. -.-” We do not have time to do so that so we just proceeded to check out.  Continue reading “Day 8-9: Finale”