My dragon boy was down with hives. 😦 It all happened ever since he ate some other dog’s NTUC pasta leftovers. Moral of the story: Do not anyhow feed junk food to your dogs. But the vet said that since the pasta was 3 days ago, it is weird that it isn’t subsiding. It may be due to another factor. But there isn’t anything out of the norm that I can think of…. except for that damn pasta. 9 years with him and this is the first time I see him having an allergic reaction. We’ve fed him organic pasta previously and he was fine.

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All sorts of people exist in this world

The world is a mystery place with ALL sorts of people. i just want to whine about a particular group – people that are obviously in a wrong but because they are customers, they acted like they are right.Β (or whatever they are called).

Last year my business was plagued with accidents (even death that scarred me). While we are already half way into this year, I have encountered a puzzling runaway case and the most annoying one – people that simply don’t pay for my service.

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Woes as a Petsitter


​It is my 3rd year doing this business and although there are some downs, I am really getting the hang of this. People always wonder how can I take care of so many dogs at one time. But once you get to know them, it’s pretty easy. The worst clients are the aggressive ones and super timid ones. One bad thing of this job is the heavy responsibility. Any small mishap, you will be the first to get blamed. Continue reading “Woes as a Petsitter”