Dinner @ Grams

I was actually REALLY upset because my bf decided to leave me all alone to cry, knowing that next day will definitely be better. Worst, he fell asleep during our ‘text fight’ -.-”

The shit thing about being in love, is that I cannot stay mad at him. The moment he finally appeared in my doorstep, I was full of smiles. I couldn’t hide being happy just to see him, especially when he just lift me up the moment he saw me.

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I saw that the word of the day for wordpress is ‘Overcome’ for today and since I’ve been hibernating in my own room for the past few days, I thought I should just write something. (Jo has been too busy working that we totally have no time to meet at all).

For just less than a year, I got to overcome many things. This journey wasn’t easy with a lot of up and downs. Even now, I’m still trying to get my two feets up to stand properly.

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Planning for Future 

Lying in bed, my legs are feeling super weak. I’m exhausted but I can’t sleep because I got to pick my dad up from the airport at 4am! ;( if i sleep, I’ll definitely wake up feeling grouchy or I may not even be able to wake up! :/ 

Jo and I went ECP last night and from a jogging date, it ended up being a strolling date because he decided to PS me. Tsk. But anyway, we saw a guy who was exercising with skipping ropes and Jo said he’s Super good at it too. Haha. So I’m excited to see it one day. I guess he must be very good in sports because KR P.E classes are a lot different than us. They even needed to be tested on skipping ropes and hurdling. 

Jo also said that if I ever want to learn Cycling, he can teach me. Haha. Should I? I just don’t want to risk putting myself in pain because falling down at this age would mean Super slow recovery and ugly scarring. When I asked about rollerblading, he said he’s good too. LOL! This bf of mine is forever saying that he knows this and that but in actual fact, I’ve no idea when is he saying the truth :p the both of us are Super “anything” kind of person. 

Regarding the joint account that we will be setting up, Jo and I will be saving $600/month, which adds up to 7.2k in a year. So i can get married in 2 years time. :p just in time for my 30th. We were talking about growing old and we will be 54 by the time we hit 10,000 days anniversary lol. I can’t imagine! 

I’m feeling a little sad because I MAY not be able to finally meet his parents in Nov ;( I’m not sure if heading somewhere with someone new at one would be safe for the doggies. The only thing that is keeping me going is seeing happy owners returning back to me. Senna’s owner couldn’t thank me enough for my hospitality and it felt sooo good to receive the message. & I wouldn’t want anything to jeopardise the only thing that I’m good at. 

I’m feeling real weird and uneasy without my laptop. I’m actually writing this entry with my phone. Since I got to keep myself awake till the wee hours, let’s just hope that my thinking won’t go crazy wild 🙂 

That should be all! 


Busy Holiday

Ok. I may need to change domain again. -.-” This is the 2/3 time in a year’s time? lol. WordPress is annoyingly refusing to let me upload anymore pictures, unless i do a upgrade. Either I need to pay $5/month, $11/month or $35/month. -.-” I’ve no idea who is that handful of people that read this blog.. I didn’t tell anyone about me blogging. Inititally, I started blogging again because I wanted to keep a certain someone updated about my life. But ever since he stopped reading, I blog for memories sake. It’s like how I kept a diary with daily entries when I was younger. It doesnt make sense for me to pay for something that is so personal.

So I can have the option to just blog with words or just stopped once and for all.

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