Choose Your Love


Being in TWG for the very first time, both of us were like suakus! I didn’t know how to drink my tea and he didn’t know how to eat his bread. lol. I happily paid for the bill because L isnt good financially at this point. We met to get our Ultra wristbands! And I paid for everyone – K, L and Jo. I also booked hotel for us after K’s persuasion. It was supposed to be a split thingy but K asked me to get it from L… which i dont think L can pay me back for now. So in all, I spent ~$1450 for this weekend for all of us. :/

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Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 

I took my home princess to the bazaar today and I’m not sure why it isn’t as interesting as before. The food are WAY too expensive and over-rated. Every stalls are just trying too hard to please the youngsters  by making everything look too instagram-worthy but the quality isn’t there. Honestly, I’m one of those that misses the old school Pasar malam back in the old days where the looks doesn’t matter but good food everywhere.

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Day 8-9: Finale

[ 25 – 26 MAY 2017 ]

Because I had too much fun the previous night, we didn’t want to wake up till nearly check out time and our stuff were EVERYWHERE. We had to quickly pack before 12pm. Since I still got to make up and all, Jo actually helped to pack my baggages. aw~

Anyway, we actually wanted to extend one more night because after discussing, we felt that it may be too tedious for me to stay in his city for one night and return to Seoul the next morning. It was also too troublesome for him to send me all the way back to Seoul and immediately had to return back to Cheon-an. But the hotel has a super weird policy. You got to check out and return after 2pm. -.-” We do not have time to do so that so we just proceeded to check out.  Continue reading “Day 8-9: Finale”